Hi! I'm Tyler, and I'm a full stack technical marketer. I've got a broad skill set developed through years of startup marketing, and deeper knowledge of technical SEO, user experience, funnel optimization, and data-driven marketing. The intersection of technology and marketing is a fascinating place, and it's where I'm most at home.

I'm highly curious, and a natural problem solver. No two businesses will face the exact same challenges, and a single tool set won't work in every case. I get excited about new ideas, and lately I'm excited about growth hacking, marketing automation, and mobile app marketing.

But that's not all - I'm also a fiction writer. I've been a fan of short, weird fiction since I learned to read. It's not much of a leap from "reader" to "writer", and I recently started writing my own short, weird fiction. I write mostly horror and speculative fiction, with some soft sci-fi thrown in for kicks.

In my spare time, I read a lot, play a ton of video games, and mess around with web development. I'm an easy grinner, a high-fiver, a loud laugher, a friend to cats, a fan of IPAs, and I love making people laugh.