Is This Still What I Want to Do?

In my old age, I’ve gotten very selfish with my time. Early last year, I decided I was done spending my life doing work I didn’t believe to be important, valued, or interesting, and I began making plans to change my circumstances.

I left my full time position, freelanced for a while starting in August of last year, and in early May of this year I accepted a position as Marketing Director at App Press, a mobile app development company. It’s been a great fit thus far, but I still ask myself the same question every morning, before I turn the key in my car and back out of my garage.

“Is this still what I want to do?”

I’ve found myself in positions in the past where I felt I didn’t have a choice. I had to put my head down, keep doing what I was doing, and hope things would improve.

But here’s the funny thing. Things don’t magically improve. Improvement takes effort. I don’t mind effort. Shit, I fucking love effort. I just needed to change where I directed my energy.

Thus far, the answer’s been yes, yes, a thousand times, yes every morning. I drive 25 minutes on the interstate. I listen to podcasts. I consider the clouds through the polarized sunglasses Miss Lady gave me, and I think about my Work.

I'm Tyler, and I blog about marketing, programming, writing, and things I'm working on.


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