Twilight / Lost Boys Fanfiction, Part I

Edward Cullen found himself alone with his thoughts one rainy spring night, and decided to go for a walk to calm his nerves.

“I’ll be back before dawn,” he sighed, to no one in particular.

“Be careful, Edward,” said Carlisle, his vampire dad. “You’re very special to us, and we love you.”

“Oh, Edward,” sighed Esme, his vampire mom. “Do be careful. I don’t know what we’d do if we lost you.”

“I’m always careful. I just…need some fresh air,” Edward said intently, a distant look in his eyes.

Carlisle and Esme exchanged a look, and Edward was out into the storm.

It was hard for Edward to know exactly how far he walked that night. He walked for a really long time. Edward’s thoughts were heavy, and depressing, and important.

No one interrupted his dark and brooding walk until shortly after midnight, when a single headlight flared suddenly into existence behind him. Edward kept walking forward, completely consumed by his brooding introspection.

The headlight came closer and closer, its horn cutting through the sound of the storm. Edward stopped in his tracks as the vehicle came closer and closer, blaring its horn, until it came to a rest just behind him.

‘Well, look at this shit,” a familiar voice called from behind Edward. “What the fuck are you doing out in this storm, Eddie?”

Edward gritted his teeth, clenching his fists before turning around.

His old friend David rested his arms on the handlebars of his idling dirt bike, leering at Edward. A beautiful brunette slouched on the seat behind David, pouting at Edward and clearly enjoying the scene.

“Hello, David,” sighed Edward, deciding to ignore David’s obvious insult. “I haven’t seen you in–“

“I like your hair, Eddie. What kind of mousse are you using these days?” interrupted David, his tone curious.

Edward looked at David, not sure if he was being made fun of or not. Still, he and David WERE friends before, and Edward decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Well, it’s—“ he begins.

“Nah, never mind. I don’t give a shit,” said David, cutting Edward off before he can finish his sentence. “Listen, what are you doing later? Me and some of the guys are going to go out, have a few drinks. You know. Like we used to. You want to come along?”

Edward hesitated, not quite meeting David’s gaze.

“What’s the matter, Eddie? Star’s going to bring some of her friends, too. Come on, it’ll be fun!”

“I don’t think so, David. I don’t do…that, anymore,” said Edward, attempting to turn away from the other vampire.

This statement took David off guard.

“What? What do you mean? You don’t drink blood anymore?”

“No, I do. Just…not human blood. We feed on animals. We’re vegetarians,” he says, looking away from the other vampire.

“Oh, fucking gross. You can’t be serious. How can you do that, Eddie?” David made a retching sound, then cocked his head at an angle. He leaned forward on the seat of his dirt bike, wearing a look of utter confusion.

“I don’t want to be a monster, David. I don’t want to be like you,” said Edward, defiantly.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that, Eddie. You’re nothing like me. Not anymore, anyway.” At this, David fell silent for a moment, looking away from Edward.

“How long?” he asked, finally.

“What?” replied Edward.

“How long since you’ve had human blood, you idiot,” David grinned, his ivory fangs dripping with venom, both literal and metaphorical.

“Not in decades. Not since my…rebellion,” sighed Edward.

David howled with laughter at this.

“Oh, your REBELLION. I forgot about what a REBEL you were, back in the 30s!” he laughed.

Edward felt his hands clenching themselves into fists.

“Shut up, David,” he said, mentally preparing himself for a fight. David was older, stronger and more dangerous, but Edward had had enough of his bullying. Edward was completely prepared to use his gift of telepathy to gain the upper hand in a physical confrontation.

To his surprise, David simply fell silent once more. David looked away from Edward, and when he spoke again, there’s a wistful tone to his voice.

“You used to be cool, man,” David said, finally, flipping his elegant blond mullet back over his shoulder. Spring rain poured down David’s leather jacket, and the vampire wore a look of hurt and disappointment.

Edward brushed his rain soaked hair out of his eyes, looking at David in surprise.

“Really? You—“

“Nah, I’m just fucking with you,” the blonde vampire laughed, interrupting Edward once again. “You were always a fucking dork!” With this remark, David revved the engine of his dirt bike, whipping the bike around and splattering mud all over Edward’s best set of trousers.

The dark haired beauty seated behind David on his dirt bike turned, smiling slyly at Edward. Very carefully, Star put her middle finger in the air as she and David roar off into the night, accompanied by the mocking laughter of the blond vampire.

With his enhanced senses, Edward was able to get a very good look at Star’s French manicure when she flipped him the bird. He felt an emptiness unlike anything he’s known in his nearly 70 years as a vampire.

“I’ll never be cool,” he whispered, watching the fading taillights of David’s dirt bike roaring away into the night. Edward touched his face, not surprised to find wetness there. Was it the early spring rain? Or tears?

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