PPC Campaigns

I've run several successful PPC campaigns, using both Google Adwords and Bing Ads. I enjoy writing ad copy based on how the target audience is searching, running ads, evaluating, rewriting, and running new ads.

PPC campaigns are a great way to continuously improve, and I find writing compelling copy in a limited space an interesting challenge.

Codifferous Google AdWords campaign

I ran this campaign after a week interviewing developers around the globe, learning how professional developers talked and thought about code review. I spoke to nearly 40 developers via email, phone, video chat and Skype. Once patterns began to emerge, I wrote ad copy using the same words I heard repeated over and over during these interviews. I wanted to address the common pain points felt by busy developers who would love to review more code, if only they could find the time.

I positioned Codifferous as a faster, simpler, and easier code review tool. For this specific group of ads, I was testing how various headline and value propositions worked, given the same call to action.

Gauges Google AdWords campaign

Before starting this campaign, I wanted to understand how Gauges' user base talked about Gauges. What did they like? How did they talk about Gauges? I dug through old support threads, social media mentions, links from blog posts, and comments on forums. People loved Gauges' simplicity, real time updates, and the ability to track multiple sites in a single dashboard. This was a fantastic place to start writing ad copy that worked.

Instrumental Bing Ads campaign

For this campaign, I wanted to know if "application monitoring" was a valuable search term to target for Instrumental. This campaign was part of a brand repositioning for Instrumental, and data from this campaign provided valuable insight for writing new sales copy. I worked with a designer to create landing pages for an application monitoring campaign, and ran a PPC campaign on the Bing Ad network, targeting search terms related to application monitoring.

The target audience was developers who cared about application performance and monitoring. My research indicated DuckDuckGo was popular with developers, and DuckDuckGo used the Bing Ads network. I chose Bing Ads as a place to start, rather than AdWords, to gain access to developers searching on DuckDuckGo.